Support Services

EAR has the capabilities to perform a number of support services for our clients. Because of our experience in construction, plumbing, environmental work, and the handling of hazardous wastes, we are equipped to provide services ranging from industrial cleaning to remediation systems operation and maintenance. We also address lead, asbestos, and mold contamination by performing demolition and abatement activities in a safe and effective manner.

Facility Support

- Hazardous and non hazardous material handling
- Industrial high pressure and steam cleaning
- Field systems calibration and compliance testing and maintenance
- Remediation systems operation and maintenance
- Air and water sampling and photoionization detector emission discharge monitoring

Demolition and Abatement

Our team will execute an abatement program with certified workers, supervisors and project monitors who participate in pre-activity, in-process and clearance sample collection and health monitoring. Wastes are disposed of responsibly and closure reports documenting all field activities are provided to our clients.

- Perform removal of hazardous materials
- Prepare project closure reports to document field activities
- Develop agency acceptable demolition work plan
- Provide acceptable schedule and cost-effective solutions for structural demolition
- Provide acceptable waste management plan to assure proper disposal of environmentally sensitive materials