County of Los Angeles

Residential Lead Abatement

EAR was contracted to perform lead abatement and rehabilitation of approximately 50 residential buildings designated under the Los Angeles County Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Grant program for Lead-Abatement over the course of one year. Due to the requirements of the grant, we were faced with a strict deadline and accomplished the project on schedule by hiring additional personnel. We also worked with the community to minimize the inconvenience and provided information to the residents regarding the need for the abatement.


  • Demolition
  • Lead abatement
  • Containment
  • Door and window replacement
  • Painting

Contract Data

Contract Amount: $491,000, through the County of Los Angeles

Jurupa Community Services District Indian Hills Water Reclamation Plant

Asbestos Abatement, Waste Characterization and Disposal

EAR was employed to conduct a site assessment at the abandoned water reclamation plant prior to its demolition. It was discovered that asbestos was present in the building and EAR proceeded with asbestos abatement through a subcontractor. Samples and cores taken from the empty tanks at the site indicated that no action was required regarding those features on the property.


  • Site assessment
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Waste characterization
  • Waste disposal

Contract Data

Contract Amount: $15,500, through the Jurupa Community Services District

Naval Air Station North Island

Fueling System JP-5 Flowmeter Calibration

EAR performed the calibration and maintenance of an aircraft fueling system JP-5 Flowmeter, which included a flowmeter, totalizer, temperature compensated computer, digital display panel, pulse amplifier, and temperature probe. This is an on-going contract for semi-annual calibration.


  • Flowmeter calibration

Contract Data

Contract Amount: $71,563, through the Department of the Navy